14 series17 series20 series25 series32 series
RMS torque9.4 Nm30 Nm49 Nm85 Nm156 Nm
Max torque34 Nm69 Nm104 Nm200 Nm420 Nm
Max. joint speed135 °/s135 °/s135 °/s135 °/s90 °/s
Weight2,8 kg3,8 kg5,8 kg9,6 kg17 kg
Range±360 °±360 °±360 °±360 °±360 °
Accuracy20 arcsec20 arcsec20 arcsec20 arcsec20 arcsec
Power supply48 VDC48 VDC48 VDC48 VDC48 VDC
IP ClassIP54IP54IP54IP54IP54
Working temperature0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C
Air humidity10 – 80 %10 – 80 %10 – 80 %10 – 80 %10 – 80 %

The D-modules are two joints, designed to make the production of a collaborative robot easier. Every module excists from two motors under a 90 degrees angle from each other. Both engines are supplied with a mechanical brake and the motordrive. 

This unique design and the way this is designed is the piece of R&D that makes it easier for users to design their own robot. 

The D-modules are compact designed with a low mass, making it very useful in the market it is meant for. All the parts are safe and solid assembled. Above of that are they protected against vibration to extend the lifetime as much as possible.

These modules make it easier to develop a robot quick and make the assembly fast, which makes it safe to say that the robot will be stable.

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