The Elfin Robot is a 6 axis collaborative robot (cobot). The Elfin Robot is build from 3 different D-modules with connecting parts in between. The power of the Elfin is the big reach with the combination of the different payloads, this creates a lot of different options. The D-modules are in one line with each other which makes it possible for the robot to stand vertically and makes the robot capable of working close to its own base. Where other robots create a dead space around the base, the Elfin can reach everything around its base.


The robot is safe because of the internal measuring system that makes sure that every impact is noticed and where needed, can stop the robot. The safety feature is easy to configure to the users wishes, so it can adjusted to how close the robot is working around people. The robot will also continue itself after an impact.

The package

The robot is completely supplied for an all-inclusive price for the robot, controller and teaching pendent with the software directly installed. All the cables come included. At the module where the tooling is attached, is a 16 pin connector with enough connections and power supplies to connect every possible tooling.
Type E3E5E5LE10E15
Max. payload3 kg5 kg3,5 kg10 kg15 kg
Vertical reach967 mm1200 mm1350 mm1456 mm1156 mm 
Horizontal reach775 mm980 mm1130 mm1196 mm896 mm
Gantry reach590 mm800 mm950 mm1000 mm700 mm
Weight17 kg23 kg24 kg40 kg40 kg
Joint speedJ1-J4 180 ⁰/s
J5-J6 200 ⁰/s
J1-J4 180 ⁰/s
J5-J6 200 ⁰/s
J1-J4 180 ⁰/s
J5-J6 200 ⁰/s
J1-J2 125 ⁰/s
J3-J4 135 ⁰/s
J5-J6 180 ⁰/s
J1-J2 125 ⁰/s
J3-J4 135 ⁰/s
J5-J6 180 ⁰/s
Joint range±360⁰±360⁰±360⁰±360⁰±360⁰
Repeatability±0,03 mm±0,03 mm±0,03 mm±0,03 mm±0,03 mm
I/O ports controller RS485/RS232, digital 8 in/8 out, analog IO
I/O ports toolingRS232, digital 4 in/4out, analog, 
ProgrammingGraphical programming with a touchscreen tablet
MountingTable, ceiling, wall, floor, slope
IP ratingIP54
IP66 (optional)
IP66 (optional)
IP66 (optional)
IP66 (optional)
IP66 (optional)
CertificationISO10218 – 1
IEC60204 -1
Temperature range0 – 50⁰0 – 50⁰0 – 50⁰0 – 50⁰0 – 50⁰
Power supply100 – 240V AC100 – 240V AC100 – 240V AC100 – 240V AC100 – 240V AC
Power100 W180 W180 W350 W350 W
Click on the links below to download the CAD files.
CAD Elfin E3
CAD Elfin E5
CAD Elfin E10

Control box

The control box has all the connection and the power supply of the robot. At the controller are both the prgramming tablet and the robot connected. Also the software is also installed on the controller.

Dimensions (h x b x d)536 x 445.2 x 318.8 mm
Leg height176 mm (inclusive)
Weight18.5 kg
I/O PortsDigital Input:16
Digital Output:16
Analog Input:2
Analog Output:2
Communication interfaceEthercat
IP ClassIP20
Power InputAC 200-240V / 50-60 Hz
Power OutputDC 48V

Programming tablet

The programming tablet with touchscreen make it easy to program the robot and adjust anything if necessary in the work cell.

Dimensions (h x b x d)210 x 320 x (45+22) mm
Screen size10.1″
IP ClassIP54
Weight2 kg (with cable)


Elfin E3
Elfin E5
Elfin E10
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