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About Han's Robot

Han's Robot, founded in 2017, is a part of the Han's Laser Technology Group. Han's Laser Technology is a high tech company on the stock exchange from Shenzhen. Han's Robot started with more than 100 employees from the Han's Motor division, one of the other divisions.

The knowledge about motors and controllers were already around and this lead to a very precise robot for the Asian market where there is a very high specification needed in soldering. Han's motor knew how to use their knowledge and created the Elfin Robot. This is an innovative Collaborative Robot, short Cobot, with the highest precision and that for the best price in the market. The robots are mainly developed to be used in the industry, health care, logistic applications, servicing and a lot more. Han's Robot has all the knowledge and components in house and have developed the robot complete. All robots are in house assembled and tested for the best quality possible.

Outside the Elfin Robot has Han's Robot even more products available for the market, including a Delta Robot, an AGV, Scara and other type robots. For the European market are at the moment only the Elfin robot and the Star AGV available, an automated guided vehicle. They are according to CE and are according to all European norms for Collaborative Robots.
Shenzhen is the technological part of China and Han's Laser is a billion dollar company with the ambition to operate everywhere in the world. Han's Robot works closely with highly awarded universities to help develop their products as much as possible.